Coating of van base with Fibreglass and top coat

Custom built experimental project

Custom built University project designed to recycle aluminium cans to client’s specifications.


Industrial waterproof cabinet constructed in fibreglass, custom designed to client’s specifications.


Made to order bars to customer specifications. Can include inbuilt sink and cabinet.

Holding Tank

A custom built fibreglass holding tank used as a safety container for the tank holding dangerous liquids. This is a very common solution we provide for industrial and hospitality environments.

Industrial Access Lid

Custom made, heavy duty, fibreglass access lids made to measure. Lids can be made to seal water tanks, wells, drainage systems, etc … We can manufacture any type of aceess lids.

Wall and Floor Coating with Fiberglass

Wall and floor coating with fibreglass to be used as waterproofing protection. Also an ideal solution as a waterproofing options on roofs, wells etc.

Valletta Waterfront Child Memorial Boat

One of our pridest joys. We have been entrusted to manufacture this commemorative child memorial boat monument dislayed at Valletta Waterfront.

The Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour Hotel Pool

The Cugo Gran Macina grand harbour hotel pool is a free standing roof top swimming pool, measuring 11.90 mt x 4.40 mt x 1.40 mt in the deep end 50 cm in the shallow end. It has a total water capacity of 47,000 litres.

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