Fish Aquarium


Our custom made Fiberglass planters can be used both indoors or outdoor allowing you  to enjoy gardening all year round. You can customise your plater’s style, size and colour to your specific needs.

Free Standing Pool

Custom made free standing, medium sized blue swimming pool.

Above-Ground Pool

Custom made above ground medium sized pool

Shower Room

A custom designed shower room manufactured completely in fibreglass for a truly seamless high end finish. Such shower rooms can be installed not only in residential setups but are also ideal for spas or hotels.

Above-Ground Pool

Large above ground pool custom made L-shaped 2 level pool with in-built stairs.

Rooftop Jacuzzi

A stylish custom made roof top jacuzzi, and polished in high white gloss gel coat.

Overflow Swimming Pool

Overflow swimming pool with rounded corner steps.

Above Ground Custom Made Jacuzzi.

A semi circular, above ground, custom made, corner pool. The fiberglass structure was supplied ready to be covered with tiles.

Above Ground Large Pool

A large, above ground, custom made fibreglass pool holding 26,200 litres. In order to maximise pool volume and space, the flight of 8 steps leading into the pool, starts from outside of the main pool area.

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